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I’m going to be going over how to make money on tiktok now make sure you read the entire article because I’m going over five different methods that everyday people are using to make money on tiktok and how you could tap in and do the same thing for yourself so let’s jump right into it.

All right so the first way to make money on tiktok is by doing affiliate marketing so what affiliate marketing actually is just to keep it really simple it is you referring a product or service to a potential customer and if that customer happens to purchase it then the company will pay you a commission now right here let’s see let’s take a look at this quick illustration.

This is on my blog and so as you can see a customer will visit your website we’ll just say ticktok for this case and if they happen to click the link that is in your profile of you promoting a certain product and they buy it then that company’s gonna pay you commission.

It’s really just as simple as that all right so let’s talk about where you can actually get different products and services to promote for affiliate marketing so this is a website called clickbank and after you sign up you’ll come in here into their marketplace and as you can see right here on this left-hand side there’s a bunch of different categories that you can choose from so let’s just jump into business and investing so how clickbank actually works is they have a bunch of different products that people are promoting in their marketplace and they pay a certain amount of commission.

how to make money on tiktok 2022

So for example we’ll say this one right here crypto swap profit lines this one out here actually pays out 860. 95 in commissions so if you promote this product somebody who buys it you’re gonna get paid this amount as a commission so if you sign up for clickbank all you need to do is once you’ve signed up and if you want to actually promote this particular product you just click promote and it’ll tell you what it is that you need to do for this one this seller requires that the affiliates be approved in order to promote their product

But not all of them are like that let’s see what this one does so boom i click that and then i now all i have to do is uh hit this button right here it says create hop link and it will give me my affiliate link for this particular product so let’s have a look at what like an affiliate page will look like for these products so when you’re looking at different products on clickbank and you visit their affiliate page it basically just gives you a breakdown of what their product is how much you’re gonna get paid commission.

You know all the different um the product the commission structure this one for example they have a front-end 37 product and they have a few different upsell so that you can see how much commission you can potentially make so it gives you all the necessary information that you would need.

Uh in order to promote the product so you’re not just promoting a product blindly they give you everything that they need that you need banners whatever however it is that you want to promote now what i want to actually go ahead and do is is show some examples on tiktok people who are affiliate marketers are doing.

Affiliate marketing all right so here’s a quick example you have this guy chad right here

He does affiliate marketing you can take a look at all his content it’s all affiliate marketing related and then he has a website right here in his bio which is i think to a lead magnet um but chad i know is promoting his own products right now he’s been doing affiliate marketing for a while and that’s usually the thing.

Once you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while sometimes you kind of graduate to creating your own products and things like that but we’ll actually talk about that later in the article um but if you click his link you’ll see that he’s actually um uh promoting his own product and that’s a method that you can use as well now here’s another person here on tiktok who she’s not an affiliate marketer she’s more of a digital marketer.

She um actually creates digital products and sells them but either way you can see the type of content that she promotes as well and she promotes her website right here in her bio which uh takes you to a page that will um explain to you what it is that she does and at the end of the day.

She’s selling her own course so that is how she is making money through tiktok all right the next way to actually get paid on tiktok is going live now going live is on tech talk is actually dual purpose you actually get to build your your following and your audience and you can sell them through the lives as well if you have a product or service that you’re promoting so that’s one way.
You can actually make your money but another way that creators are making money on tiktok is getting paid through live gifts and diamonds so if you’ve ever been on a tiktok live and you’ve seen you know people on the screen you see like these little emojis being um given to the creators where those are gifts and the ones that are diamonds are are actual cash

So what you can do is you can actually convert the diamonds in to currency actual dollars so as this page right here explains you must accrue 10 or excuse me 2000 diamonds before asking tiktok to pay your rewards and 2 000 diamonds adds up to 10 us and this is just an instruction of how to actually.
Uh go live and and get your benefits and i’ll put a link to this actual page in the description so you can read this yourself but this is a way that creators are getting paid

Uh through tiktok by going live so you can sell your own products to your audience during a live feed and your audience can actually gift you and pay you in diamonds which you can then convert into cash.

Once you’ve reached uh the threshold that tick tock wants all right the next method to actually earning money on ticktok is by doing print on demand and what you can do is go to a website called teespring.

This is a company that basically you can sell t-shirts hoodies hats things like that different um clothing apparel but you can sell your own designs of those and so the the great thing about teespring is you don’t have to handle any of the product itself.

how to make money on tiktokAll you need to do is uh submit the design and the selling is done on their end the shipping is done on their end and you just split the profits and so what you can actually do is if you don’t already have a design in mind you can go to fiverr and actually look up t-shirt designs and you can hire somebody to design your t-shirts for you.

And you’ll see that there are a number of people on fiverr that can do a t-shirt design you just have to pick the style that you want and they’re relatively uh inexpensive as well as you can see forty five dollars forty dollars fifteen dollars it all it all varies ten dollars it really just depends on what it is that you want to design and if you already have a design in mind maybe you want to do your own design.

You can go to canva and design it as well now another thing that you can actually do is you can actually set up your own shopify store and you can connect it with a site called printful which does the same thing that teespring does except you can actually connect printful to your shopify store and you can do exactly what you would do with teespring.

If you already have a design in mind all you have to do is pick the apparel that you’re looking to sell and add your design to it and printful will take care of everything else and all you have to do is link it to your shopify store and you will just put your actual shopify link or the name of the the website of your store in your tiktok profile.

So that people can go ahead and visit it through there alright the fourth way to make money on tiktok is by using shout outs and brand deals and the best way to actually leverage that is by going to fiverr and actually looking up to talk shout outs and you want to leverage people who already have an existing audience on ticktok maybe a million followers 2 million followers.

Whatever the case and they’ll actually promote your tiktok profile or your brand or whatever it is that you want to do all you have to do is actually go on fiverr and search it up and look through the different offers and services on here and see if they have something that fits.

Your need next is you can actually go to the tiktok creative marketplace uh this is something you’ll have to create an account and i believe that there might be some sort of requirements for it not exactly sure but this is how you’re able to leverage brand deals.

So what people in the uh creators marketplace are actually doing is they’re getting free products from actual uh brand from companies to promote whatever it is that they that they have.

So they’re getting free products and they’re getting paid to promote and these are how people on tiktok are actually making money and getting free product is by leveraging these different shout outs and these brand deals but you’ll want to actually go ahead and create um an account here in the marketplace to get more details about that especially if you have a large following this is something you definitely want to leverage all right the fifth way to actually make some money on tiktok is to sell a course and a good example of selling your course is by going to a site called udemy is a marketplace for individuals who have a specialty in something and you decide you want to create create a course on your specialty.

And you can sell it and you can charge pretty much whatever you want on here so for example say since this is a very big thing coding so say you’re very good at coding coding is your thing and you want to actually put out a course to teach people how to code you can list your course right here in udemy and charge whatever it is that you want to charge and you’ll make money that way for example this person right here their course is 18 bucks and they have over two hundred thousand reviews so you multiply those.

Those two hundred thousand times whatever the cost of this course is and minus whatever fees they might be sharing with udemy that person’s making pretty good money.

Just off of course creation and it doesn’t have to be uh anything super technical it can be anything in any category as you can see right here maybe maybe you want to go ahead and actually um do what uh i don’t know maybe you have a music profile on your on your tiktok maybe your tit talk is all about music and so you can actually teach music or teach somebody how to play an instrument or something like that either way whatever it is your tech talk is geared towards.

All you have to do you can create a course and then you go ahead and put the link of your course in your description.

Now another site example of udemy is skillshare it is similar to udemy as well you can put together your course and you can load it onto skillshare and you can do the same thing from there and so whatever your tictok is actually about whether it’s music or photography or woodworking or drawing whatever it is you leverage your audience that way you put your content on tiktok and you and you create a course around whatever your specialty is and you put the link of that course into your tiktok profile alright.

So that’s it those are the five ways to make money on tiktok now hopefully you saw something on there that you can utilize in your business so that you can start generating income through the tiktok platform and if you haven’t already check out the course that has been on your screen throughout the article this is only a dollar and it’s going to help you to increase your leads and your follower count on your tiktok profile so that you can generate more money but if you like this type of content please give this channel a subscribe like the article if you enjoyed it and.

I’ll see you in the next one take care

TikTok is a social media app where people can create and share short videos. The app is similar to Vine or Snapchat.

In order to make money on TikTok, you will need to have followers who are willing to spend money on the content that you create. This can be done by finding a niche in your content and creating more videos in this area.

How to make money with TikTok? That is a question that many people ask. In the world of the internet, it is always possible to make something from nothing.

TikTok is one of the best mobile apps for making money for young people. The app lets you post short videos and share them among your friends if you want. The app also has a variety of features like stickers that are free or cost money and live streaming so that you can interact with other users. You can make money on this app by using all these features creatively.

If you want to use TikTok as a way to make some extra cash, then here are some tips on how:


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